Friday, November 12, 2010

Delayed...but not Forgotten! Random update!

Hi everyone...I hope you haven't given up on me.  I've had the Ride of my Life participating in the 44th Pillsbury Bake-Off ....what a privilege!  It did set me back a a LOT...with other details in I've been playing catch up...thus my Blog took a back seat.  Speaking once a month to local groups about the Bake-Off experience and doing demos on the Scones.  I thought it was all over but now people want to hear about it.  I think living in a "Mayberry" small town has a lot to do with it and I love it! 

I am very excited to start bringing you new GREAT recipes.  I have many already lined up for you that I've taken pictures of over the last many months but with no time to get it onto my Blog!  The worst part is pictures for me...getting them loaded, etc. Holds me back sometimes.

Other EXCITING NEWS...I am currently working with a Publisher that will help me finally get my "Best of the Best"....Recipes Put to the Test! Cookbook published.  That is another line item in life that I need to prioritize.  If you are interested in being notified when the cookbook is ready, leave me a comment or send a private email to to let me know your contact information and I will add you to The Interest Book!

Other Exciting Tid Bit....I've been designing and making Therapeutic Rice Packs for people for a couple years...but recently it has "taken off" with many orders so it's a good thing...but keeps me from my Blog and Cookbook...hummm.  I make a Boo Boo Pack, Shoulder Neck Pack, T-Zone Pack, Eye Relaxation Pack and newest design for Diabetics or people with poor foot circulation...a Foot Therapy Pack. I love that whether I Bake or Make things for people it seems to bring comfort...and that is a good thing.

Graduation Party for my son coming up this Spring....thinking Unique Menu....any ideas to chime in? Make a post.  Looking forward to connecting with each of you again and thriving in my recipe frenzy!

P.S.  working with a Chef that is developing wonderful Spice Blends...getting them into mass production soon.  Small quantities now available at Jazz n Java in Willmar, MN  the link to see the spices available right now is:  I love them all but my favorite is the Line Finishing Spice! I'll keep you updated, he's going to put together "Gift Packs" hopefully before the Christmas Holiday.

Yep....Many doors open right now and I'm walking through them to see where they go.  So....keep alert for notifications COMING SOON!

Until then...Bon Appetite and Happy Cooking!


Here is a little saying that I heard on the radio the other day about Restoring Balance to Your Life....
Who or What is driving your bus?  We are traveling so fast, speeding through life, with so many things pulling us here and there that if we don't slow down we may very well have a Rear End COLLISION with OURSELF!  Haha...but serious Truth!